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Safe Household Cleaners for Homes with Allergic Pets

By Dr. Becker

Today I want to talk about ways you can  make your indoor environment safer and less allergenic for your pet.

Allergies in pets have reached epidemic  proportions in recent years. Countless dogs and cats are suffering, and many  pet owners are trying anything they can think of to help their itchy, scratchy,  miserable four-legged family members.

Here at Mercola Healthy Pets, I often  discuss species-specific nutrition and other remedies for pets with allergies.  But helping a sensitive dog or cat means looking at everything your pet is  exposed to on a daily basis and eliminating as many potential triggers as  possible.

If your pet has allergies, it can be very  important to limit her exposure to all unnecessary environmental chemicals,  especially indoors.

Many commercial cleaning products pollute  the air inside your home by off-gassing toxic fumes that can be very hazardous,  not to mention irritating, to your pets. Many cleaners also contain  antibacterial substances that are not only unnecessary, but can actually help  bacteria become stronger and more resistant to killing agents...

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