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If Your Dog Suddenly Starts Circling or Staggering, This Could Be Why

By Dr. Becker

Today we're going to discuss vestibular  disease.

The vestibular system is what gives most mammals balance and a sense  of spatial orientation.

Vestibular disease affects the body's  balance systems.

There is a peripheral form of the disease arising from outside  the central nervous system which is caused by disorders affecting the inner  ear.

Central vestibular disease, which is a much  less common and more serious form of the condition, originates inside the  central nervous system.

Peripheral vestibular disease occurs when  there's irritation to the nerves connecting the inner ear with the brain.

The  result is a loss of balance and other symptoms resulting from vertigo and  dizziness.

Peripheral vestibular disease can look and  feel pretty dramatic to the dog owner, especially the first time it occurs.

But fortunately, most cases improve quickly with supportive care and treatment, and of course addressing any underlying cause for the condition...

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