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This Month’s Real Story: Myra Moonbeam

By Dr. Becker

This month's featured patient is Myra  Moonbeam, a darling female Boston  terrier who developed a terrible neurologic disease following a vaccination.

In May 2005, Myra Moonbeam was a happy,  healthy, almost two year-old girl who went to her veterinarian for an annual  exam.

The vet gave Myra a Lyme  vaccine.

Over the next few weeks Myra started shaking her head a lot and  losing her balance.

Then she began vomiting and stumbling when she walked.

The  balance problem and disorientation worsened over the next week to the point  where she was falling down.

Myra  was also experiencing rear limb weakness, her lymph nodes were enlarged, and  she developed a head tilt and head tremors...

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