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How Weird Are You and Your Dog?

It occurred to me on a recent trip to Los Angeles that my dog has me pretty well trained. As soon as I unpacked my suitcase next to the couch I’d be spending the next few nights on, I found myself double-checking that no headphones or cellphone charging cords were hanging out where a mischievous canine could chew them up.

Later that evening, my heart jumped when I realized some chocolate had been left on the coffee table at dog’s snout level, and I caught myself slapping the toilet lid shut lest my hound take a chemically-enhanced sip.

Of course, Mr. Moxie was some 350 miles away, safe and sound with his dad (who would never leave chocolate idling about) in San Francisco. Three years of being his adoptive mom have made me hyperaware of his every step and I often catch myself anticipating his next move the same way I can usually tell you how a movie will end halfway through. (Lame, I know, don't take me with you to the movies.) Still, I felt pretty sheepish when I caught myself shoving the cords into my suitcase in a whirlwind motion in front of my host. And it got me thinking about the other “dog mom” things I routinely do that non-pet parents might find strange...

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