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Ask a Trainer: When Is It Time to Put a Problem Dog Down?

By Dogster.

It would be hard to find someone who loves dogs more than I do. Almost every day, from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, I am working with, playing with, writing about, and talking about dogs. Sometimes, I talk, think, write about, work with, and play with dogs so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if my brain was furry and floating in a sea of cerebral dog slobber. (Gross, I know.)

Even before training was my profession, I loved dogs. I love all animals, which is a big reason I have been a vegetarian for nearly two decades. I don’t like to see animals hurt, afraid, or living less-than-quality lives. So imagine my shock when I found myself, a dog lover of the highest caliber, wrestling with the decision over whether I should euthanize my dog for a behavior problem.

I’d wanted a Saint Bernard ever since I was little. I found one on Petfinder, and my husband, Jim, and I rescued a dog then named Beethoven, who was renamed Monte in about five minutes with a six-pack of Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s...........

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